Refer a Patient for TMS

We welcome referrals from GPs, psychiatrists, or any other healthcare providers. You can refer a patient to us in various convenient ways.

  1. Download our referral form by clicking on this link and send it to us via email:
  2. Send a referral letter via email:
    • Please provide the following information:
      • Reason for considering TMS
      • Antidepressants tried in the past
      • Any history of seizures or alcohol withdrawal
      • And whether there is any metal in the head or neck.

Patient Self-Referral

Please consult with your GP or Psychiatrist to determine if TMS is a suitable treatment option for you. Your healthcare provider can then provide you with a referral or send one directly to us.

You can also contact us via email: or give us a call at (03) 8383 4458 so we can help you talk to your GP or Psychiatrist about TMS.

The Referral Process

Who should be referred for TMS?

Individuals grappling with Treatment Resistant Depression, Anxiety, and Chronic Pain. Generally, Medicare extend coverage for Treatment Resistant Depression if a patient hasn’t adequately responded to at least two antidepressant medications, citing either ineffectiveness or intolerable side effects.

HHC sees patients privately, self-funded, NDIS, DVA and Work Cover.

Some reasons why a person might not be able to get TMS are if they’ve had epilepsy or seizures before, if they have metal implants in their body, like aneurysm clips, or if they’re younger than 18.

Human Health Clinics

Who are we?

Human Health Clinic’s philosophy is to support healthcare providers in doing what they do best: serve patients with mental health or neurological conditions.

All treatments are performed by AHPRA qualified practitioners. Our team consists of doctors and nurses with valid and current AHPRA registration and training in TMS. As physicians, health clinic owners and operators ourselves, we’re passionate about advancing access to the latest peer-reviewed research and treatments for the brain.

Our Experience

With over two decades of extensive experience in neuroscience and medicine, collaborating closely with renowned psychiatrists and surgeons, our practice stands as a beacon of expertise in brain and mental health. Our rich background in the field positions us as pioneers in delivering effective treatments.

Moreover, our network comprises allied health practitioners specializing in chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, offering both digital and in-person support. Our team includes ACA-qualified counselors and leading coaching providers, ensuring comprehensive care for our patients.

Having successfully established, operated, and expanded healthcare clinics and service businesses for over ten years, our philosophy centers on empowering service providers to focus on patient care. We meticulously handle marketing, finance, HR, and other operational aspects, allowing healthcare professionals to devote their attention solely to serving patients.

Thinking of starting a clinic? Talk to us.

Human Health Clinics Melbourne Brain Health
Human Health Clinics Brain Health Melbourne

Our Goals

We are committed to providing the highest care standard in a warm and welcoming environment where patients feel supported and valued. We are dedicated to overcoming mental health treatment barriers by making our services accessible, effective, and equitable for everyone.

Why Us?

We understand the crucial role psychiatrists play in the treatment process. We believe that collaborative care is the best strategy through our network of clinics and healthcare partners. Together, we can provide better outcomes for our patients.

Human Health Clinics - Brain Health

Our commitment to you as a referrer

We want to provide better outcomes for your patient.

We understand the crucial role that you and your patient’s existing healthcare team play in the treatment process. We believe that collaborative care is the best strategy. That’s why we work hard to include the existing GPs, neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, and psychologists in the patient’s care at HHC.

Read more about our commitment to you as a healthcare referrer.

What is the 'patient journey' at HHC, from a referrer's point of view?

For our psychiatrist referrers, please fill in a referral form for your patient, and we will be in touch to confirm protocols for your prescription.

For our non-psychiatrist or non-TMS prescribers, please fill in a “non-prescribers referral form”. Our Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatrists will evaluate the suitability of your patient for TMS.

Patients can expect a smooth referral process. Healthcare providers can fill in a referral form, call us on (03) 8383 4458 or email us on

Our dedicated professionals work closely with the referring healthcare provider to ensure a coordinated and cohesive approach to the patient’s mental health treatment. Patients can be confident that their psychiatrist’s expertise will be respected and integrated into their entire care from the initial consultation through the completion of TMS therapy.

We are committed to providing:

  • Initial consultation with our mental health team are bulk billed
  • Evidence-based, individualised treatment programs
  • Comprehensive progress reports sent to the treating team

How does Neuronavigated TMS work?

Neuronavigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) combines the precision of neuronavigation technology with the therapeutic effects of TMS.

By using real-time brain imaging to precisely target specific areas of the brain that need stimulation, this innovative approach revolutionises psychiatric treatment by providing personalised and effective plan to manage the patient’s symptoms. The improved accuracy of nTMS means that there is less chance of stimulating unintended areas of the brain. This reduces the risk of side effects and makes nTMS a safer and more tolerable treatment option.

What sets neuronavigated TMS apart is its precision. By integrating neuronavigational technology, practitioners can create accurate and personalised brain maps for each individual. This mapping guides the TMS pulses to exact locations, ensuring the stimulation is tailored to the patient’s unique brain structure and connectivity.

Partnering with HHC

Whether you are considering starting nTMS service as an extension to your practice, there are several requirements to set up an nTMS clinic, from regulatory requirements, purchasing, location, staff training, and day-to-day management, we’ll help you get established with our beneficial partnership models, which will provide expertise and assistance so you can focus on what you do best: helping your patients live their best lives.

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