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About TMS and neuronavigated TMS

Information for Healthcare Providers

How to refer


Our Commitment to Referrers 

  • Patient ownership: you will continue to be the main point of contact and primary care provider.
  • Your patient will be encouraged to continue to consult you and remain in contact appropriately and at intervals you have requested.
  • Your patient will be reviewed by a psychiatrist (if TMS needs to be prescribed) and/or nurse practitioner or clinical mental health (if the diagnosis has already been made).
  • Consent will be taken with patient and capacity assessed.
  • Our team can treatment map.
  • An MRI Brain is required to undertake treatment. A Stereotactic MRI is acceptable.
  • As the referrer and primary care provider, any treatment progress or suggested modifications in treatment will be run past you via phone and/or written communication.
  • During and upon completion of the treatment course, your patient will be assessed again by our psychiatrist and mental health team. A full report will be made available to you.

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