Our Clinical Team

Dr Grace N (Lai), B.Inf.Tech (Dist), MBBS(Hons)

CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Liaison

Dr. Grace Ng (Lai) is an experienced healthcare and technology CEO, with a career encompassing medical, IT, business experience and neuroscience. After an international career as in IT, she started her journey in healthcare as a doctor training in neurosurgery but was quickly drawn to digital health and networked services businesses. These were ways that she could scale and democratise access to healthcare. In early 2023, she embarked on delivering brain health technologies, founding a pioneering mental health clinic in Niddrie, Victoria. She and her partners embarked on a mission to revolutionise mental health treatment approaches in Australia. Driven by compassion for balancing personal and professional challenges, she champions a collaborative approach to patient healthcare, to help them achieving their vision of health, recognising the importance of behavioural change to support neuroplasticity, community support and ongoing care.

Kyle Bernier, Service Design Consultant and Mental Health Practitioner

Kyle is a UX designer, award-winning author, coach, art therapist, researcher, and designer working in MN. He has an interest in the power of creativity, including how we use creativity to change ourselves and alter how we look at and live in the world around us. Kyle is interested in using creative thinking and processes to solve complex problems.

Mau Bandalan, Project Manager and Patient Support

Mau is a Project Manager Extraordinaire and mental health advocate, provides skills in administration, marketing, and process improvement. She also blends her operational expertise with a heartfelt commitment to support mental health causes in the community and make a positive impact. Her journey reflects the powerful fusion of practical proficiency and a sincere dedication to helping those facing mental health challenges in the community. Talk to her about: creating inclusive physical spaces and digital products & services that prioritise mental health; combining professional skills with genuine compassion.

Advisory Council